About Cubit

Cubit is a technology company that specialises in-the-field auditing and inspection solutions. We are inspired by consumer software and use the latest technology to tailor our products to a range of industries.

Cubit was established in May 2017 by four consultants. We partnered with Norways larges utilities company Hafslund to create a revolutionary audit solution for electricity safety audits. The result is Cubit Audit, the first real SaaS product for Norwegian grid owners.

In 2019 we started work on a new fire safety solution built on the same technical innovations that made Cubit Audit a success. The Cubit Fire is tailor-made for fire departments.

The Cubit management team

The Cubit team are former IT consultants from Miles AS a company renowned for its technical capabilities and focus on modern management philosophy. These are qualities that we have brought with us and continuously refined in our product company. Cubit is a distributed company with people in Vilnius, Lithuania; Minsk, Belarus; Oslo and Bergen, Norway, and Brüssel, Belgium. This is a model that makes us able to find the best people, wherever they are.

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Erling Andreas

CPO, Creative Director and Co-founder

Background as manager, information architect and UX designer from a wide range of domains. Can barely contain his disdain for wine in a box.

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CTO and Co-founder

Background as developer and architect from retail, energy and insurance. Just bought a new electric car, and refuses to let anyone touch it.

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Chairman of the Board, Co-founder and CFO

Background as developer, enterprise architect and entrepreneur from energy, banking and telco. Extensive international experience from starting businesses in Norway, India, Lithuania and South Africa. Spends most of his time waiting for his plane to board.

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CEO and Co-founder

Background as project manager, business architect and business developer from energy, banking and technology. Just started jogging after buying an Alaskan Husky.

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